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Safety First: Be Safe!!

2020 has been quite a challenge with the Covid-19 pandemic…

My first thoughts are from an old bud: “Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

At times, work requires an un-avoidable onsite visit to resolve issues…

All onsite visits are opportunities for us to be Safe. Considering many of our clients are elderly, we go out of our way to follow stringent safety protocols. We wear a mask, please do not be offended. We sanitize our hands before entering and after leaving an onsite visit.

Now that vaccinations are broadly available, and we can slowly move into the “New Normal”. We think taking precautions is Important.

It is our responsibility to do everything we can to “Be Safe!”

Introducing the new: Microsoft Edge

Ok guys, here it is, the new Microsoft Edge internet browser. Only this time you’ll Love it! 8) No really, the original edge was very bleeding edge, but had many ongoing issues. Microsoft decided to standardize internals of the app to the Chromium stack, so basically a slightly different flavor of FireFox/Chrome and should behave Much Better moving forward…

You’ll get it eventually through Windows Update automatically, but if you want to start driving it now: Download Here


Phone won’t stop ringing? When I need some peace: “Phone Settings”, down in the “Notifications” section, click on “Do not Disturb”.  You can schedule it, add exceptions like “Contacts Only” etc…  Now your phone only rings if it’s someone already on your contacts list (or favorites). Sweet Huh!? I also set my voicemail to the old AT&T 3tone, so pay attention & leave a message please!   <8^) 

Helpful reminder & “heads up”

Just a helpful reminder & “heads up” as we seem to be going through yet another Wave of Fraudsters…

People are receiving calls from “Support” & “Microsoft” or running into Full Screen pop-up messages where they are stuck and have nothing but a phone number to call for “Help”.   They then find out how bad this issue is & how they need to allow remote access & help “Clean-Up” their systems, for a small fee of course. I have seen these fees exceed $300 & many times also leave back doors installed so they can access your system anytime.

They’re getting better:  Even my more security conscious clients have been hit.  Please, don’t be fooled by these messages or calls.  Nobody from Microsoft, Gooogle or Yahoo will call you out of the blue to help solve a problem.  In fact, It is quite a challenge to get anyone on the phone from these companies.  You just don’t answer the phone much when you offer free services to a few hundred million people.

If you get a “support” call, just ask them to please take you off their list & hang up.  If you run into a stubborn pop-up & can’t close it, try hitting “Alt & F4” keys at the same time to close the window.  If that doesn’t do the trick, you can hit “Control + Alt + Delete” to launch the “Task Manager”.  Depending on your system version, you may have to click “More details” at the bottom.  Click on the Details Tab  (This is all of the apps running) Look for and “Right click” your browser (Chrome.exe, FireFox.exe, iExplore.exe or MicrosoftEdge.exe) then choose “End process tree” for each entry that exists…   In a worst case scenario, Press & Hold the power button for 15 seconds to power off the machine (Avoid if possible, hard on hardware).

Don’t be Fooled by “Support”.  If you still need some assistance, feel free to call 816-377-6466 or hit our website