Quick Fixes

Phone won’t stop ringing?  When I need some peace: “Phone Settings”, down in the “Notifications” section, click on “Do not Disturb”.  You can schedule it, add exceptions like “Contacts Only” etc…  Now your phone only rings if it’s someone already on your contacts list (or favorites). Sweet Huh!? I also set my voicemail to the old AT&T 3tone, so pay attention & leave a message please!   <8^) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fraud on the Rise:  If you get a “support” call, just ask them to please take you off their list & hang up.  If you run into a stubborn pop-up & can’t close it try hitting “Alt & F4” keys at the same time to close the window.  Advanced users can hit “Control + Alt + Delete” to launch the “Task Manager”.  Depending on your system version, you may have to click “More details” at the bottom.  Click on the Details Tab & Right click your browser (Chrome.exe, FireFox.exe, iExplore.exe or MicrosoftEdge.exe) then choose “End process tree” for each entry that exists…   In a worst case scenario, Press & Hold the power button for 15 seconds to power off the machine (Avoid if possible, hard on hardware).   Note & avoid the bad link in the future.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Need Anti-Virus or Malware protection?  Over the years, I have seen every security product compromised.  Make sure whatever solution you choose is up to date & active.  If you’re software is expired, it is nearly worthless, at least get some basic protections with Microsoft Security Essentials Download Here.
**Windows 8 & 10 users should be aware that “Windows Defender” is pre-installed on the operating system, if you remove your existing solution,  it should initialize, update & begin protecting your system. Click “Start” then start typing “Action Center” to check your status.
Adobe Flash:  While powerful with rich media, there have been a multitude of ongoing security issues uncovered & resolved with updates.  Make sure you’re using the latest version.   Check your Flash to verify you’re using the newest version… Download the latest version  Here.
**Windows 10 users should not need this tool, Microsoft’s new Edge browser & Googles Chrome browser have implemented these capabilities within the browser itself.
Adobe Reader: The reader is an industry standard portable document viewer.  It ensures a document is consistent on any platform.  As with the Flash player, there have been a multitude of ongoing security issues uncovered & resolved with security updates.
We recommend using the stand-alone version vs built-in deployed with Chrome & Edge…  Download the latest version Here.

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